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channel::Channel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Widget with slider and meter used as base class for more specific
   channel widgets

Definition at line 31 of file channel.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def create_balance_widget
def create_slider_widget
def get_channel_name
def midi_events_check
def on_abspeak_adjust
def on_abspeak_reset
def on_balance_changed
def on_custom_widgets_changed
def on_default_meter_scale_changed
def on_default_slider_scale_changed
def on_key_pressed
def on_midi_event_received
def on_monitor_button_toggled
def on_scroll
def on_volume_changed
def on_volume_digits_focus_out
def on_volume_digits_key_pressed
def on_vumeter_color_changed
def read_meter
def realize
def serialization_get_childs
def serialization_name
def serialize
def set_channel_name
def set_monitored
def unrealize
def unserialize_child
def unserialize_property
def update_volume

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 channel = None
tuple channel_name = property(get_channel_name, set_channel_name)
 label_name = None
 monitor_button = None
 post_fader_output_channel = None

Private Attributes


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